Bring your story to life

with articulate wine text translations

We all know the saying 'lost in translation', don't we?

Often your message loses its punch when you try to write it in a language that's not really your own.

Your wine has a story - of course it has, and it deserves to be heard!

But if you translate it word for word, that incredibly interesting story does not resonate with your audience as clear as it should.

That’s where Metakrasi™ can help with your website, press releases, tasting notes, labels, slogans and other texts.

We use our wordsmithery to turn your original message into powerful, effective English wine-speak and give it the right tone of voice.

Your text will get the personal attention of a seasoned wine pro and native speaker who is very skilled at translating and localising Greek to English.

When you choose to work with us you get access to the communication talents of  an award-winning wine journalist, member of the Circle of Wine Writers (UK) and qualified wine marketeer, who knows about Greek wine, its terroir and the country's generous people.

Metakrasi™ is here, ready to help you tell your story the best it can be told.

Contact us for an absolutely gratis consultation about translations, transcreations, text corrections and new copy writing for your wine brand.

Read on and find out WHY you need this, HOW it’s done, WHO will do it, and WHAT we do for you.

Georges Meekers

Member Circle of Wine Writers (UK)

Wine Pro | Marketer | Wine, Drinks & Lifestyle Writer