You're hiring a personal translator

a native speaker and wine pro

Metakrasi™ is the brainchild of Georges Meekers, an established wine pro and award-winning wine writer who specialises in delivering correct wine text translations to English that are optimised and localised. 

Meekers has honed his writing skills over many years by contributing to print and digital outlets, radio and TV. He is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers (UK), runs a newspaper wine column and also works as a wine marketeer.

Together with the help of a focused team of hand-picked Greek linguists and fellow wine writers, Georges will scrutinise your copy and turn it into an evocative English text that resonates with your English-speaking clientele just the way you intended it to sound originally.

The Metakrasi crew are experienced wine copywriters and translators who like to write true to context but whilst judiciously localising your text. At all times we keep our collaboration with you, our client, as simple as possible.

There are good reasons why you should choose to work with us. We offer absolute confidentiality, have your credibility at heart and deliver in time at very competitive prices.

You can be sure that we do not outsource any jobs. Moreover, we guarantee that your messages will never end up in the hands of someone who knows little or nothing about wine or who isn’t skilled at translating Greek to English. 

You will be hiring a translator crew that is passionate about the written word and anything vinous, working under the supervision of Meekers who knows about Greek wine, its terroir and the country's generous people.

See WHY you need it, HOW we do it, and WHAT we can do for you.