Creative Translation

Creative translations

editing, paraphrasing and creative writing

Have you ever heard of ‘transcreation’? 

It sounds gimmicky but it’s Metakrasi’s standard for translations in the world of wine and spirits marketing. 

The term combines ‘translation’ and ‘creative writing’. Unlike translating word-for-word, it’s writing text in another language the way a native would speak while keeping the original purpose intact. 

Literal translations can be embarrassing. Just ask carmaker Mitsubishi who learned the hard way and quickly had to change the model’s name ‘Pajero’ * in the Spanish-speaking markets to the less suggestive ‘Montero’. (* sɐʞɐlɐɯ = oɹǝɾɐd)

Correct grammar and spelling alone isn’t enough when translating. You need an expert in the field to avoid cringe-worthy translations and to inject emotion in the new translated text so that it moves your target audience.

We at Metakrasi™ make your text sound as if it was originally written in English for that specific audience. No more boring wine tasting notes nobody cares for. We give your text a human voice.

Ask us for a free consultation and we tell you how to adapt and turn your winery's story into persuasive copy for the English-speaking market. 

See WHY you need it, WHO will do it, and WHAT we can do for you.